Complete list of fetishes

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Below we answer a few basic questions and go on to list over fetishes and their definitions. Is your fetish missing from the list? Share with us in the comments and help us make this resource complete. Simply put, paraphilia refers to unusual sexual interests. This includes sexual arousal to atypical objects, activities, fantasies, situations, and body parts.

In technical terms, fetishism is sexual arousal to an object or non-genital complete list of fetishes part, and falls within paraphilia. Erotic fetishism can range from something being considered an arousal aid, to a medical disorder.

Medically, the term is restricted to objects and body parts, but more generally it is used to also include fixation with specific behaviours and situations. The definition of kink is much more broad. Kink generally refers to non-normative, or unconventional sexual practices and fantasies, and is considered by many as a playful means of increasing intimacy between partners. What is or is not considered kinky can vary widely. As a noun, the term is sometimes used interchangeably with fetishism, which is why we include it here. The world of fetish is wide and varied!

Many fetishes fit into overlappingor seem to defy categorization at all. A fetishist need only consider their kink a disorder if it disrupts their functioning and negatively affects important aspects of their life, or causes them psychological distress. The listing of fetishes and other paraphilias in diagnostic manuals has changed over the years, and their classification as disorder in the first place is not without debate.

Explanations and theories abound, from classical conditioning, to childhood imprinting, to neurological differences. Every fetishist is different and there is no single reason for development of a fetish that applies to everyone.

If you enjoy your fetish, are not harming anyone, and are not distressed by it — by all means continue and enjoy. For some the biggest difficulty with having a kink or paraphilia is finding a partner who will either indulge your fetish, or better yet embrace it fully. To meet like-minded fetish lovers online see our article:. Here we go! Browse through the full list of fetishes below, or use the table of contents to skip to a specific category of interest.

The scent, the sweat, the hair, and vulnerability are all aspects of the armpit fetish. To some an armpit is on the same level as a vagina — a secret cave of desire so kissable, and yes, even fuckable. Attraction to the human navel is pretty much the basis of the belly button kink. Tickling, kissing, licking, and drinking shots of whiskey from the belly button are all possibilities. Some like it big, and some like it really big. And for some, the desire for big cock becomes a fetish and nothing else will do.

For others their fetish is even more specific, as in the case of big black cock fetish. I like big butts and I cannot lie! This kink may or may not involve anal play. So this could include anything from mythical beasts to people with heavy body modification or born with deformities. Tongue on eyeball — voila! It has to do with the vulnerability of the eye and trusting someone enough to hold it open and touch it with their tongue.

Personally, I prefer to be the licker. Fat fetishism is an attraction to overweight or obese people. Someone with a strong preference for larger women might call it a BBW fetish. For others, their foot fetish veers into BDSM territory, where worshipping at the feet of a Mistress or Master is a form of submission. A fetish for freckles is based around an arousal to people with freckles, or simply the freckles themselves. Was that beauty mark even real though? Although hand fetishes are rare, certainly moreso than foot fetisha sexual interest in hands is not surprising.

Hands are involved in all sorts of sexual activities to begin with, such as handjobs, touching and stroking, fingering, and spanking. Also known as hirsute fetishthis kink is all about body hair. The feel, smell, the look. In the gay community, big hairy men are called bears and considered the epitome of masculinity. Someone with a large labia fetish might have a preference for labia minora that hang down past the outer labia.

Others may enjoy the look and play involved in pussy pumping to make them even bigger. A kink for long nails is not surprising considering how many women cultivate and display long, painted nails. However, a fingernail fetish could also be for unvarnished nails in their natural state. A person with nail fetish may be aroused by the nails themselves, or could be more interested in feeling those nails scratching down their back. This would be the distinction between onychophilia and amychophilia. Complete list of fetishes fetish can be about a strong preference for a certain shape or size of nose, or a kink for nostrils and their penetration.

Nose lust might even take the form of a fetish for nose licking, or nasolingus! Also known as vestigiality fetisha kink for tails can take quite a of forms. Some are attracted to reptilian tails, others may prefer something fuzzier and indulge in the furry fetish. A temporary tail can be worn using something that clips on to clothing or is tied around the waist, or perhaps even a butt plug with a tail might do the trick.

Tail fetish and pet play could be a nice overlapping of kinks. For some odontophiles, there can also be some overlap with other kinks found on thissuch as biting and vampire fetishes. See our article Erotic Dentistry and Dental Torture.

Ah, the tongue. Pink and wet, great for kissing, and wonderful for licking. A fetishist might be particular about the size and shape of the tongues they like. Acrotomophilia is a fetish for amputees, a kink that has many facets. The other side of the amputee fetish? Apotemnophiliawhich is a dangerous fixation on becoming an amputee oneself.

Someone with this kink may suffer from body integrity disorder, which creates a dangerous desire to become disabled, usually by removal of a limb. Curious to learn more? Sexual stimulation and gratification can come from biting, or being bitten. While breeding, getting pregnant and having babiesis something very common that many do at some point in their lives, for some the idea of getting pregnant or impregnating a woman becomes a fetish.

Some may focus on the act of impregnation and the thrill of sex without birth control, while others rightly choose to responsibly role-play instead. To learn more read our Breeding Fetish Facts article. It typically involves the use of GHB, crystal meth, and other stimulants which reduce inihibition and increase stamina.

Chemsex play parties can last for days and involve multiple partners all partaking in the drugs. Chemsex as a fetish should not be taken lightly, and can do real damage as additiction creeps in and overdose becomes a threat. A fetishistic sexual attraction to disability. Devotees, or devs, may have an appreciation for a particular disability such as those who require a wheelchair, or someone with an amputated limb, complete list of fetishes most report having the kink since they were very young.

I found this article on medium by a female devotee to be rather eye-opening. A fetish for enema play is exactly what it sounds like. Klismaphiles get off on enemas, but the attraction can vary. It could be the smell and feel of the rubber or other materials used for enemas, or the feeling of a distended body when water is injected into the anus. Some may desire to give an enema, while most prefer to be the recipient and often do it alone. about the enema kink here: Klismaphilia: All about the Erotic Enemaor enjoy a first time enema story.

This fetish takes two to tango, as the flip side of this kink is the gaining fetish, see below. These fetishists, more often but not exclusively men, enjoy large women complete list of fetishes want to help make them even larger. They may feed their partner directly, or it may be more of a situation where they not only encourage, but facilitate the weight gain by providing food and the money needed to keep it coming. In a feederism or feedism relationship, you have two roles: the feeder and the feedee, or gainer. Humiliation may be at play, or simply the submissiveness of allowing another to control what you eat and how you look.

Check out these provocative human furniture photos by Alva Bernadine. Forniphilia can involve bondage, nudity, sexual submission, forms of BDSM play, or none of those things. I think the main thing about this fetish is clear objectification. Here are some ideas for forniphiles and more information about the human furniture fetish. Medical fetish is a popular one, but can take many forms. In general, this kink involves the situations, instruments, examinations, and environments associated with medical treatment.

Some specific medical kinks include enema fetish, temperature-taking fetish, anesthesia fetish, catheterization, medical masks and uniforms, casts, and more. Here are some medical fetish role play ideas. While uncommon, there exists a fetish for stuttering and stammering women and men.

In searching through the limited amount of information on psellismophilia, I found Dr. Someone with a piercing fetish may be turned on by their own piercings and the act of being pierced, or by others who are pierced. One with a fetish for piercings may enjoy BDSM play that involves the use of needles.

Piercings are so common nowadays that you can imagine a wide variety of ways this kink might manifest. Stigmatophilia actually refers specifically to body modifications made by a needle or scarring, and thus includes tattooing as well. Holly breaks it down in her article Tattoo and Piercing Fetish. Why are complete list of fetishes women sexy? A rounded belly, enlarged breasts, and her fecundity are all attractions, but pregnancy fetish goes beyond basic appearances. A kink for mothers-to-be might revolve around impregnation, lactation and nursing, or giving birth specifically.

Do you have a pregnancy fetish? Ahh, the smoking fetish. The way a person opens their mouth to insert their cigarette, the billowing smoke blown through pursed lips. These fetishists are sexually aroused by watching or imagining others smoke, or in some cases smoking themselves. The smoking kink can be quite specific, perhaps a cigar smoking fetish or a yearning to get it on with a pipe smoker.

A fetish for tattoos falls under stigmatophilia, along with piercing and other body modifications.

Complete list of fetishes

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The Complete List of Sexual Fetishes and Kinks