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D ressed up for the first time in lockdown, and wearing a full face of makeup, Annabelle Richards went to meet her first love. The last time she had seen Junior St Clair was in the summer of She was 17, and on a bus bound for London. He was 20 and standing outside Ipswich bus station, bawling.

In late March, after reconnecting on Facebook during lockdown, Annabelle met him for the first time in 28 years, outside an office block in Croydon, south London. We made each other laugh, like no time had passed. I thought, do I still love this guy? It had started with a dream in the early days of lockdown. She woke up at 6. She wondered if he remembered her and hoped life was treating him well. Thank you for having the compassion to talk to me. You were my first love. I just burst into tears, my heart started fluttering. But during their lockdown conversation, it all came flooding back.

She realised they would have to meet up. After that first meeting, they kept messaging. The second time they met, they sat on a picnic blanket in a local park and Annabelle said she thought she still loved him. Because of Covid, we just held hands. This is the start of the rest of our lives. Annabelle and Junior were not the only ones reconnecting in lockdown. Technology has ensured our exes are never more than a click away, but the pandemic has stirred many to hit send. Sexting between exes has exgirlfriend sexting who better to flirt with than those with whom we already share a lexicon of love?

So, what happens after we text the ex? Alex, 25, is a man who threw caution and government restrictions to the wind for the sake of a exgirlfriend sexting reunion in lockdown. When his ex-girlfriend Lisa invited him from Glasgow to London for her birthday, he paused only to bake a batch of cupcakes. Their month relationship had ended amicably a year ago when Lisa moved to London for work. Even so, the birthday invite was a surprise, says Alex. Another surprise lay ahead. With the city in shutdown, Alex and Lisa were forced to spend the evening on her stairwell, nursing his cupcakes.

That was less cute than it sounds. At about 1am, after the flatmate had gone to sleep, they snuck into bed. Since then, texting has tailed off. Reconnecting with exes in lockdown has been a learning curve for many. You OK? Few, though, can have immersed themselves as fully in their former relationship as Amelia, 29, who started seeing her ex-boyfriend, David, 28, during the first lockdown in Melbourne. They decided to hook up. After four and exgirlfriend sexting half years together, the exes were also concerned about where it might lead.

Despite their best efforts to keep it casual, things quickly grew intense. They acknowledged the pressure both felt to get married and have kids, which neither of them wanted. They celebrated. That time in lockdown was clarifying, she says. It is rare for a former partner to completely disappear. But what happens when your ex never leaves the picture? John, 43, and his ex-wife have maintained a good relationship since splitting up in after one year of marriage.

They have a daughter together and see each other all the time. Unusually, they began sharing memories from their marriage, which led them into uncharted territory, says John. Moving on can be difficult at the best of times. Cristina, 23, moved back in with her parents during quarantine in central Italy. Some aspects of the routine were great, she says. But also, I was extremely bored, and boredom is the enemy of rationality. Cristina sexted two exes: an American guy she dated for four years until and a local Italian she was with from October last year until January Frequently, I sexted them simultaneously, without them knowing.

Sometimes I even sent them the same message. No one seemed to mind the recycled sexts. After quarantine, Cristina met her Italian ex. And the exgirlfriend sexting was amazing. He wanted to be done with me. She found the directness helpful. But this time, I knew not to be in touch. For Annabelle and Junior, for ever is a word that came up in conversation early on, as they held hands but kept their distance.

Lockdown also allowed them to proceed with caution. When they could do more than hand holding, was it the stuff of happy endings? There was nothing romantic about it. Both of us thought it was awkward and weird. But the next time, we kissed properly.

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Exgirlfriend sexting

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