Pony girls fetish

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I knocked on the door of this humble suburban house and waited. My cameraman shuffled his gear and rested his heavy camera on the front step. In front of us stood a soft, curvy woman with sunny green eyes and bright red hair. I am here in the home of these kind strangers on asment. The documentary I am producing is about fetishes. Now when you imagine fetishists, you probably picture people in leather gear with chains living in dark dungeons.

It is all about make believe: people who want to pretend to be pony or rider. The ponies dress up and pretend to be ponies complete with saddles and bits and bridles and tails. And the riders take care of them — they groom them, feed them and yes, they ride them. So I enter into this humble home and we set up to have a chat. Paul is a fairly tall man with a full head of curly brown hair. He is wearing brown slacks, a button up shirt and a cowboy hat.

Apparently Aristotle, the famous greek philosopher, loved to be ridden by women. The old Bizarre magazine showed pony play a lot back then. Sure enough, I recognize a drawing of pinup star Bettie in some vintage photos holding a riding crop and wearing super high hoof-like boots that would make Christian Louboutin blush. But like so many other obscure niche interests the internet has brought people together and now pony play is one of the fastest growing fetish communities.

For many years, Paul has been widely considered the best human pony trainer in North America. I found out about Paul through the pony girls fetish he published Equus Eroticus — which is exactly what you are thinking: an erotic magazine for Pony Play enthusiasts. I asked Paul when he started being aware that he was into this kink. Emily is living proof of that. Emily went online and found Equus Eroticus and sent Paul and inquiring about being trained as a pony girl. One thing led to another. He named her Frisky.

Like any submissive — the ponies actually wield a lot of power. And what is the pleasure for the pony? When it brushes against my legs that really helps me identify with being a beautiful horse. They explain to me that in all other ways they have a very run-of-the-mill marriage. When it comes to play, they have certain rules: Paul can train other pony girls, she says she finds it erotic to watch him riding other pony girls.

But there is no sex with other ponies. But the same thing can be said for foot fetishists. Same thing with us. But I did keep thinking about them and their unique world for a long time after. Sexually speaking, we all have our secret things that stimulate and provoke us. When we bury our sexual desires in shame and guilt — they tend to burble up in other ways. After all, life should be about play. When we are children, we live to get dressed up and try to act out different scenarios that give us pleasure.

As we get older, we mostly forget about make believe and play which is a really sad thing. I think that sex is the one place where, if we allow ourselves to become unbridled — we can truly embrace other aspects of ourselves. Which is still true to this day. But I do have to thank both of them for allowing me to find my own inner Frisky. You might be surprised to learn that so many straight pony girls fetish are into gay male erotica. I now realize that the act of sex the foreplay, pony girls fetish, and after-play are my turn-on.

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I think that sex is the one place where, if we allow ourselves to become unbridled LOL, I see what you did there Reply. Got it. No thank you.

Pony girls fetish

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