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A rich rocket scientist organizes an expedition to the moon, which they discover is inhabited by nude women. Professor : [Discussing the upcoming Moon trip] Well, if all goes according to plan, we'll be back in Miami in four days. Jeff Huntley : Then you can get to see that movie you were talking about. Professor : Oh, I saw that last night. Jeff Huntley : But you promised me you were going to get some rest. Professor : The picture was well worth it.

In. Play trailer Fantasy Sci-Fi. Directors Raymond Phelan Doris Wishman. Marietta William Mayer Lester Brown. Trailer Nude on the Moon. Photos Top cast Edit. Marietta Cathy as Cathy …. William Mayer Prof. Nichols as Prof. Lester Brown Dr. Jeff Huntley as Dr. Jeff Huntley. Pat Reilly. Ira Magee. Lacey Kelly. Shelby Livingston. Robert W. Joyce M. Charles Allen. Evelyn Burke. Joyce Brooks. Hugh Brooks.

Mary Lassey. Robert B. Raymond Phelan Doris Wishman. More like this. Storyline Edit. Huntley and Professor Nichols are rate nude to complete their work on a moon rocket because of an unexpected inheritance. They travel to the moon, but find a lush garden paradise rather than a barren wasteland. They are captured rate nude virtually naked telepathic humanoids and taken in front of the Great Council. The Moon Goddess decides they should be allowed to continue their experiments, and Dr.

Huntley begins falling in love with her. Professor Nichols worries about getting Huntley to return to earth. A truly different adventure! Did you know Edit. Goofs Scenes of the Earth from space are inverted. The continents are backward, and the Earth is rotating the wrong direction. Quotes Professor : [Discussing the upcoming Moon trip] Well, if all goes according to plan, we'll be back in Miami in four days.

Connections Featured in L'Oeil du cyclone: Femmes violentes en bikini Kushner as Judith J. User reviews 21 Review. Top review. Genre Hurrah Long live the sci-fi nudie cutie! This movie has it all! Get this: Two scientists go to the moon, in the dodgiest of rockets, and discover nudie well, okay, topless then space girls! One of them falls in love with the Empress of the Moon a dead ringer for his secretary back on Earth. The professor has got to be seen to be believed. See the two men sitting next to each other and communicating with each other via radio heets!

See the worst space suits ever! See the amazing professor enthuse about plants as moon girls play topless volley ball! Witness very spacey dancing from some of the weirder lunar lovelies! The only movie that makes the Queen of Outer Space seem like ! A true kitsch classic, and you can take that from a man who knows his rate nude. Nineties remake, anyone? Molerat Jan 11, Details Edit. Release date United States. United States. Moon Dolls. Coral Castle - S.

Moon Productions. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 23min. Related news. Dec 6 MoreHorror. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the Spanish language plot outline for Nude on the Moon ? Edit. Top New Shows of So Far. See the full list. Get some picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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