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Small-town love story of a young man with a reputation for womanizing and his best friend's sister. Noel : You're the first person that I've wanted to tell that to, 'cause your the first person that I've wanted to talk to for more than five minutes In. Play trailer Drama Romance. Director David Gordon Green. David Gordon Green story Paul Schneider story. Top credits Director David Gordon Green. Trailer All the Real Girls. Photos Top cast Edit. Zooey Deschanel Noel as Noel. Paul Schneider Paul as Paul. Patricia Clarkson Elvira as Elvira. Shea Whigham Tip as Tip. Maurice Compte Bo as Bo. John Kirkland Justin as Justin.

Amanda Chaney Girl on the porch as Girl on the porch. Realgrils Shelton Noel's other friend as Noel's other friend. Bob Hardison Bob as Bob. David Gordon Green. More like this. Storyline Edit. In a small Southern American town, Paul, who is known for having sexual relations with every girl in town, falls in love with his best friend's younger sister who is a virgin. Paul must try to prove to everyone that this time he is in love rather than in lust. Love is a puzzle. These are the pieces. Rated R for language and some sexuality. Did you know Edit.

Trivia Danny McBride's film debut. Quotes Noel : You're the first person that I've wanted to tell that to, 'cause your the first person that I've wanted to talk to realgrils more than five minutes User reviews Review. Top review. Slow, pretty film. I knew that "All the Real Girls" was going to receive a pretty intense amount of backlash for realgrils sparseness, but damn if there aren't some pretty hostile remarks here, haha.

Can't say that I blame people for dissing it though. I, surprisingly, found myself having a lot more patience for this film then I thought. It could be because I live relatively close to the town where it was filmed, well kind of, Raleigh's about hours from Ashevilleand found it to be a relatively accurate portrayal of young folks living in a small, North Carolina mountain town. In an environment like this you have tight-knit communities, close friendships, not much of an economic prospect, hence all the late something kids still living with their parentsvery blissful scenery, and plenty of room for dreaming.

Paul, to me, is a very believable character as is his situation. He kind of fits the stereotype of a tough, damaged dreamer, but his awkwardness with Zoe and his playful monkeying with his friends and family break him of the James Dean mold. His character seems to have been very carefully crafted as to not fall into any cliches. Paul is certainly realgrils the smartest individual, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and and seems realgrils emotionally "open" enough. Though he's essentially in the same boat as his friends, endless monotony in a small town, seeming to go nowhere, etc.

Paul has burnt all of his bridges in regards to his cynical romantic life, but he still has hope that there is more for life to offer. Paul's tainted image as a heartbreaker and a user is never very visible, but his willingness to express his regret and desire to change provide his character with some pretty rugged layering. He wishes to realgrils to terms with his past, but wants to move forward as a better, changed man. Paul is delighted at the discovery of finding true love, but is also scared of losing it.

I enjoyed the rest of the characters as well. The tough, older brother of the girl you love- Tipthe clown- Bust Ass, his extra scenes on the DVD are a riotthe quiet, philosophical friend- Bothe damaged, but sweet natured, uncle, the desperate, but loving, mother. All of them were very real to me. Their subtlety and simple dialogue really brought this film to realgrils for me, though the subtlety seems to be what loses most viewers.

I'm not sure films of this nature should come with some kind of "be prepared for slow pacing and little action" warning, but they certainly are not everyone. For me, I enjoyed every cinematic sweep of the Asheville Mountains as well as the very realistic emotional intensity that mounted between all the characters. The soundtrack was equally amazing. Every song was perfectly placed and not overused. This is the first film I've seen by this director, and I look forward to any realgrils he will make.

Details Edit. Release date August 1, United Kingdom. United States. Official website United States. Jasmine Productions Inc. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 48min. Dolby Digital. Related news. Jul 3 Indiewire. Contribute to this Suggest realgrils edit or add missing content. Top Gap. If yes, what is it known as? Edit. Before They Were Stars. See the entire gallery. Get some picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. Learn more.


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All the Real Girls