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Chris Anonymous. Hey guys I just found out about a dating site which is called real-sexcontacts. I'm using that site and I paid the points to allowed me to send the messages and I get the responses. The girls looks legitimate, but the problem is my points are run out really quickly when I send each of them a realsexcontacts.

Have anyone know about that site and I'm wondering if it is a scam? James Anonymous. I've discovered one than one profile with the same photos and also some of the 'about me' comments have matched in two profiles I've seen. Also, I inadvertently sent out the same message twice within a moment of each other to the same person but got back two realsexcontacts replies.

So I sent the same message again but this time didn't get a reply. Think it's a scam site but can't prove it. I've been chatting to a girl on this site for couple of weeks and had various points when I've found the replies a little sketchy. Was getting on real well with this so called girl and asked her if she wanted to meet for chat or find some way to chat with out the costly messages.

Sent my and in a photo as the site blocks out contact details? Surely a site like this called real sex contacts should be letting people exchange details when they're realsexcontacts to? But of course, they don't because it's a scam. You'll never actually meet anyone but they will tell u they want to chat some more cos they're not ready to meet.

It's a scam. Also keep an realsexcontacts on things like this, I told the girl that I loved girls with green eyes and suddenly all the girls that viewed my profile had green eyes? Funny coincidence really? Green eyes are hard to find so where did they all just surface from? It's a very well put together scam site that makes u feel u can trust it. But keep ur eye on the ball and you'll see the cracks showing in the chat.


Also, the woman I was chatting to was married with 2 kids and working full time. Strange as I sent messages over a full 24 hour period and got a reply realsexcontacts time within 5 minutes. Glad I found out now. If anyone finds a genuine site not out to rob u, I'd like to hear about it. Might save ur cash and some heartache over being taken for a fool.


Similar experiences. Two profiles, different location and photo but identical wording, sadly with the same spelling mistakes too. I set up a couple of profiles. Wasn't really surprised to see the same people had viewed my profile in the same order on each one. Popular photographs added can't be popular: in those profiles they are private and if you can't see them I've had replies from different people too. You can tell by the style and language.

Also, ask yourself - if these are UK contacts then why are the sockets in the photo two pin European? Fortunately, the only good thing is that you can pay by Ukash and it's not recurring. There might be some real women there, but finding them? Avoid and also avoid a sister site nsa-sexcontacts.

Found exactly the same things on that as well. Happy hunting. So, following on from my earlier post I logged on to search for women in Bedfordshire, England and looked at six profiles. One is looking for someone with a sense of humor and enjoys going to realsexcontacts theater. Those 2 pin sockets in the background of another and in the third Well, it's illegal to have a light switch in a bathroom in the UK, but not in the US. I know, because I lived there for a few years. Finding 3 obviously American women out of six? Now what's the chances of that. Alex Anonymous. Sometimes she realsexcontacts repeated herself.

Obviously I started to get suspicious so I started realsexcontacts her pics and noticed the european plug thing as well.


Anyway, cut a long boring story short we arranged to meet and given my suspicions I realsexcontacts to be stood up or have some big fat heffalump turn up! Anthony Anonymous. I have been chatting to several girls on this site and i think most are NOT genuine, The site filters out all contact details so unless the girl is willing to meet you there is not chance for you to communicate outside of this site.

I have responded to contract from girls and just to test its validity I have also made my own hits, in some cases it's difficult to say, but I always try to arrange a meeting or suggest one. I have even suggested a way of covertly realsexcontacts my details in the conversation thread, but again none of the women I been in touch with thought it was a good idea My Verdict. Boris Anonymous. Spent just! Definite scam - generic responses deed to keep you messaging and paying money.

You need to try these places, but this one clever. Suspect the replies yiu get are Staff of the site. New Topic Post Reply. All times are EDT. The time is now am. Search Search.


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