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After I posted itthe upvotes slowly began to trickle in. Within the hour it had amassed around upvotes, peaking at around and holding the top spot for a long while. Sweet, sweet recognition! It felt great. For many aspiring enthusiasts, the notion of having even a single one of your photos get so many positive reactions is a worthy aim, and I admit that I would probably be jealous of anyone who had it happen to them.

In fact, I already had been. That jealousy was likely the final catalyst in the reddit rate my nudes to post it. With that came a little bit of a headache, as it meant that people were now able to download my image and use it reddit rate my nudes they liked. Nothing too bad, but at the time it felt like the crime of the century. I spent about a week or so chasing up these sites in order to have credit noted or the image taken down, but after having very little response from any of the websites, I decided to admit defeat, and go with the notion that if the image was going to be shared, it was going to be on my own terms — and hey, I could enjoy a bit of an ego boost if it got popular.

Having learnt my lesson on being so liberal with my original-resolution jpeg, I ed a very low-res version to Imgur for the Reddit post. Posting it meant it would be shared a lot more — that much was obvious, but I figured that no-one could do a lot with such a small image. I checked it out and true enough, it was there for all to see, with no mention of me or my websites. It had been shared times at the time I found it, and there were close to comments.

I added one alerting them that this was my image and to contact me immediately. What followed were various comments telling me that it was my fault for putting it online, that I should be grateful, and that my street-portraits were hosted online without the subjects permission, so I was just as bad whole other can of worms. Well, two things. Firstly, by this time at least 12 hours later their post had already been buried under numerous new ones. The damage had been done. Secondly, the post had already been removed. Not sure what happened there. The damage has been done.

At least it was only a low-res image, though. Most of them complied within a good few hours. Either way, the damage had been done. This one is relatively short, but I still found it bizarre. Climbed Mt. Fuji, huh? Yeah right. The image is already online… Why is it a surprise that a photographer would post his images online? Karma is absolutely useless. This third point is important because it taught me that I will get seriously stressed out if people start accusing me of photo-thievery.

He would not listen to reason. I got so stressed I had trouble sleeping. Gotta be careful to ignore the trolls. Here are the visitation stats from my website :. Some people even messaged me asking if they could buy a print! Not really. As you can see, nearly everyone who visited my site came for the original image, maybe scrolled once or twice through others in that set, then left.

No big deal. Oh, and my photography on Facebook went up by 4 likes. I am considering that a win, no matter how small. I consider those 4 extra likes genuine fans. It has made me greatly question the value of digital portfolios, however.

I used to carry my portfolio on an iPad when visiting restaurants or bars with the intention of selling wall art, and had my heart sink as they idly swipe past each image without really looking. Luckily, however, I switched to a printed portfolio which ensures the audience gives each image reverence — and I made two sales from this method! So I learned a lot from the last 24 hours. AND I had a lovely time talking with all the interested users, Fuji-climbers and photographers.

So why do I regret it? That is not a nice feeling. Visit his website here. Tags: experienceredditthoughtsviral. Load Comments.

Reddit rate my nudes

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