Snapchat girl story

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You don't know where your life would be without Snapchat. How else would you share your most hideously hilarious selfies with your besties to lol at without worrying about them being saved on their phones for the rest of eternity unless they screenshot it, of course, but that's a whole other story.

How else would you catch up on what everyone in your friends list was up to in the last 24 hours? How else would you waste all your free time seeing what you look like barfing up rainbows instead of doing your homework? But as integral as Snapchat is to your life, being obsessed with it also comes with its own unique set of struggles.

When you just want to see someone's actual story but it's just them messing around with the Snapchat filters for seconds. When you're so busy looking at the picture someone snapchat girl story you, you forget to read the caption that they sent with it. It's like, can you send that last one again? My bad.

And you can't replay it because you've used up all your replays. When snapchat girl story finally responds to your chat after, like, forever. But it's been so long you forgot what you originally said and don't know what they're responding to. When your friend invites you out and you're not in the mood but you know if you stay in, you'll be mad in the morning when you watch her story.

FOMO is a hundred times worse when you can watch how much fun your friends had without you the next day. Or, when you wake up and watch your friend's story only to see they were out having fun without you.

Oh, no invite then? And you thought you were friends. When someone opens your SnapChat but doesn't reply. Add the sting of rejection to the list of things stinging you thanks to Snapchat. When that one Snapchat from your crush won't load. When you accidentally send a snap to the wrong person. That SnapChat showing off your freshly applied zit cream definitely was not meant for the hottie that sits in front of you in geometry. When your friend posts a Snapchat of herself driving and ruins your whole day.

Snapchatting while driving is beyond dangerous. You hate to be her mom, but seriously, she needs to stop. When you accidentally add a snap to your story. When you really want to screenshot your friend's snap but it disappears before you can press the correct combination of buttons. And then it's gone. Gone forever. When you ask someone what they did last night and they're like, "Check my story! I don't want to have to tap through 10 different angles of your breakfast before I get to the exciting stuff, ok?! When you still don't know what the little emojis by your friend's list mean. When Snapchat thinks your nostrils are your eyeballs.

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Snapchat girl story

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