Spanking internet chat

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Log in. Search Everywhere Topics This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Topics This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Search forums. Punishment by parents? Thread starter DavidWilly Start date May 6, Christian Chat is a moderated online Christian community allowing Christians around the world to fellowship with each other in real time chat via webcam, voice, and text, with the Christian Chat app.

You can also start or participate in a Bible-based discussion here in the Christian Chat Forumswhere members can also share with each other their own videos, pictures, or favorite Christian music. If you are a Christian and need encouragement and fellowship, we're here spanking internet chat you! If you are not a Christian but interested in knowing more about Jesus our Lord, you're also welcome! Want to know what the Bible says, and how you can apply it to your life? us! DavidWilly Junior Member May 6, Feb 14, 4 0 1. Hy together I am David from Switzerland, I had a lot of problems with my parents in the last time.

They are both verry christian. They love my, but they are strong. I am nearly 18 years old. I get punisht verry spanking internet chat, they grounded me or if I make a big mistake, I get spanked. I wonder what other parents in this forum say.

Did you spank your childreen? Aug 23, 21 0. I will soon be a Parent. Waiting on the arrival of my daughter yet very patiently. As my Parents did spank me yes. When i Had sone something wrong I got pinished. Sometumes it was more than a spanking. Sometimes we would stand in the corner for hours or we would not get fed our next meal. When it came to grounding i would come home from school and everything would be out of my bedroom except my bed.

Part of me thinks at times it would go on to long or to far.

Spanking internet chat

One time my Adopted mom got mad at me and she sent me outside to our little picnic area. I was mot to go into the house for a month or more. I couldnt change my clothesi bathed when it rain It was summer timeCouldnt brush my teeth. The only time i ate was when my adopted dad came home and that was a glass of milk and peanut butter sandwich once a day.

I lost alot of weight that summer. Finally my older sister called my mom and said enough is enough. Finally let back in.! As for me and my future daughter i will correct her as our loving Heavenly father does us.

Spanking internet chat

Surely Not in the way i was. How bad do you really Have it.! Is it legal to spank children in Switzerland? If not you could always contact some sort of child protection organization or the police. Sirk Guest May 6, I'd be finding my own place as soon as I was able if I were you.

Pilkington Senior Member May 6, Spanking internet chat 13, 94 At 18 your an adult and as such I do not believe parents should be punishing you. Certainly they should not be spanking you. However while you live under there roof you have to live by their rules. Purpose, the way you were treated was abuse I am horrified by the way your were treated and personally I think they should be prosecuted, hopefully they would be convicted and sent to prison.

I was spanked twice, but then I was very complient. I don't believe in spanking or hitting children, however I do believe in discipline and boundaries. When he was younger we had a reward chart. My son has to sit on the time out step or he loses priviledges such as playing on the WiiU. I child should never ever be denied food.

My son is not perfect however we have had lots of comments on how well behaved and charming he is. Also when my husband was very ill in hospital people were more than willing to look after him. Ephesians 6: Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. MarcR Senior Member May 6, Feb 12, 5, If we believe that Jesus died to forgive our sin, Spanking internet chat can we punish that which Jesus has forgiven? I did spank my children; but not to punish them. I spanled their bare buttocks 3 swats on each buttock hard enough to smart but not hard enough to injure with a wooden paddle; and I told them: If you think about your embarrassment and your pain the spanking will not do anything for you; but if you think about Jesus' pain and His embarassment when He suffered for your sin: it will really help you remember to do right.

Spanking internet chat

Sirk said:. To me, spanking is for pre teen children, spanking a teenager is what i would consider to be outside normal behavior. At this age you are learning to be an adult, and as an adult, you should be learning that no one should be perpetrating physical violence at you and if they do, it is not acceptable. I don't know about the OP's country, but in Australia, the age of consent is 16, and you have the legal and moral right to refuse to be spanked, and if necessary, the right to self defense, although that would be a far from ideal situation.

I had good parents, but if they were that strict and tried to spank me at the age of 16 i would have refused, and if they had come at me i would have spanking internet chat then with whatever level of force was necessary, but i would not harm them. If they wanted to take it to such an extreme to do me harm to enforce their way, then i would let them, then allow the police to handle it from that point on.

One way or another they will learn what they need to learn to let you become an adult. Angela Senior Member May 6, Jan 24, 11, 2, I did spank my children, but not after the age of I think that is is just wrong to spank adults, which is what you would be in most places in Canada. If you are still in school, you may have to stick it out. I truly think you need to get out of that situation, if you are able to get a job and support yourself.

You do not deserve this kind of abuse. I don't care what your mental age is, you are grown up, even if you live at home. I would talk to my pastor about this, and see if he can intervene if you cannot leave just yet, because of school or finances. I do think that grounding is ok, if you have deliberately disobeyed spanking internet chat.

You do live under their roof. But corporal punishment at your age is just wrong. MarcR said:. The question arises when does one cease to be. IMO one ceases to be when one makes a ificant economic or physical contribution to the well-being of one's household.

Spanking internet chat

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