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The democracy of the internet has brought many unexpected views, experiences and ideas into our world in a way which was inconceivable before the accessibility and anonymity of our new digital world. Online forums, amateur literature and iPhone made films now mean we can share our deepest secrets to most banal activities to thousands of people. However the organisation of these confessions is scattered throughout the internet making more estranged confessions difficult to pinpoint into one place.

Here are some of my favourite confessions for you to all enjoy. Leanne grew excited as her tattoo appointment slowly crept closer. She had been waiting for six months for Dean, the tattooist, to add to her de. Although impatient at times, she experienced arousal while the thin needle entered her skin. It was her second appointment to finish her first tattoo, a very large piece on her lower back. At her appointment, he had carved the outline and shaded parts. The first experience had gotten her so wet that she had to pleasure herself with her dildo as soon as she arrived home.

She had always found it extremely arousing, as the fine, sharp needle gently sunk into her skin and Dean outlined the gorgeous curly rose de on the base of her back. At her last appointment, she had been booked in for an hour, but she made sure she had a longer appointment for ultimate pleasure. She wondered if maybe she should buy a starter bondage set that Steve could use on her, to invoke a little pain. Just the thought of him whipping her soon started to froth out the juices from her elegant, river of lubrication.

She had to change her directional thoughts to someone unsexy. Steve drove her to the tattoo parlour, and before she left, he gave her a lingering kiss which made her scream for more of him. Can I get you anything? She stepped into the cafe next door to the parlour and orderered a milky coffee and a can of coke. She soon returned and waited patiently in the foyer. Her tattoo fetish orgasm would be worth the two hours of pain.

She could think of nothing else, the sharp, faint needle that would penetrate the dermis layer of her skin had already started to send convulsions toward her clit. She looked over the old issues of Bizzare mag, and before she tattoo fetish it, Dean had finished tattooing his client and her turn had arrived.

His client shortly left, his tattoo covered in clingfilm to heal the wound. She took off her coat and top, sitting only in her black, sexy bra and made herself comfortable. She knew it would be another ten or so minutes before the needle struck her skin. She craved the prick, like no other joy. He drew the additional de onto a piece of tracing paper. He sprayed an antiseptic spray onto her lower back, to cleanse over the area and forcefully pushed the inked de onto her skin, so he could carve out the exquisite de with his fine outlining needle.

She desperately wanted to pleasure herself, but it was all a waiting game, the pleasure and pain, the orgasm. How could she make it through two hours of erotic fun? He wiped off the ink he had just injected into her skin, then pushed the needle into the black ink and pierced her skin again. Every time she experienced that sharp burst of pain, her vagina contracted with an uncontrollable urge.

She continued to pulsate her vagina and the moment almost made her reach her peak of climax, and she let out a slight moan. She wondered if Dean could hear her silent moans, but was relieved that she only moaned inside, enjoying every sensational prick to her skin.

She wondered if he had read her mind as she had just confessed she enjoyed the pain of a tattoo. Black and grey is always classic. Tattoos can become a bit of a bad habit, I mean look at mine? Over an hour had passed into her appointment and the tattoo fetish side of herself had weirdly mellowed subtly.

She breathed a sigh of relief. At no point did she ever want to feel or show embarassment. In those silent moments when Dean concentrated on the tattoo shading, Leanne unleashed her inner minx and started to spontaneously tense her vagina in short, sharp but pleasurable mounts of excitement.

The redness will subside in about 24 hours. She loved the build up, the excitement and the reality. The pain had been totally worth it and she wanted more. If it gets itchy, just put some Bepanthen on. She smiled cheekily at Steve, and gave him an eager, fully snog on his tasty lips. How was the tattoo babe, two hours of total pain? As he started up the engine, she could unleash her pleasure, and that tattoo fetish of urgent, incredible horniness approached, and she could tattoo fetish of nothing else but reaching orgasm. She unbuttoned her trousers, pulled them teasingly down, and placed her legs on his dashboard, ready for masturbation.

You know me, when the feeling approaches, I have to get it over with. I wish you could touch me on my hot spots. Is there any chance you can pull over somewhere, or do you think your hunger can wait until we get back home? Luckily they were off the road and he found somewhere quiet in a few seconds, showing off his lucky streak. He unfastened his seatbelt and started to finger her juicy hole.

Steve, stick your prick into my dripping tattoo fetish right now, I want you to make me cum so hard. He urgently unfastened his trousers and they dropped fast around his ankles. Leanne did not help in any way, which was strangly unlike her. She seemed almost intent on her own pleasure, an almost selfish streak subsiding from her. He pleasured her juices. His balls started to massage over her engorged clit as he fucked her harder, and she experienced herself edging closer to the peak of no return, that moment of release, the enveloping tense seconds before pleasurable sensitivity.

When she thought once again about the pain of her tattoo, she knew her erotic momentum would finally release. The sensation of her nails on his back, the brief hint of pain, turned him on and forced another wonderful climax from him. He loved their periodic, pleasurable moments. They looked at one another with extreme lust, kissing for a fair while, until their hunger vanished. Established inSang Bleu Media originated as a magazine, and evolved into the innovative digital platform it is today.

Representing modern culture, Sang Bleu focuses on the unique expressions of urban society through contemporary art and fashion, sociology and literature. Sang Bleu Publishing focuses on experimental projects with no rigid format. It has been at the helm of a multitude of releases, in collaboration with artistic institutions and individuals, like the Palais de Tokyo, or the poet Daniel Feinberg. It also is the publisher of the globally acclaimed Sang Bleu Magazine. These publications are available in the curated online store of Sang Bleu Media, amongst other collectables from hardback art and de books to fashion and fetish magazines.

Besides its print publications, Sang Bleu Media is also a digital platform constituting of online editorial spaces and a myriad of communities, giving each production, the opportunity to express itself under many forms and to be perceived under many angles, reaching not tattoo fetish specialist audiences, but also organically reaching a wider audience, thus challenging perceptions and contributing to the evolution of contemporary culture. : info sangbleu. address:.

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Tattoo fetish

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