Vagina worship

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Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitals—the vagina worship, vagina, and uterus or womb. It can also mean a place of birth, as in the source or origin; a place of rest, as in a vessel or home; and a family or social station fixed by birth. Worship of the male phallus or lingam has been more extensive than worship of the yoniand examples of its power as a fertility symbol can be seen throughout Indian culture.

Modern lingam sites include the Thai shrine in Bangkok to the fertility goddess Tap-Tun, filled with phallic amulets called palad khik. In Tantric practice, adepts move among these dualities, raising consciousness from the material to the transcendent, a plane beyond all opposition. The worship of the yoni is the worship of the goddess, as well as the worship of women as living expressions of the goddess. The magical powers of nudity, especially of the sexual organs, are strong and, in the case of the female, the yoni gives off healing and protective energies, and its display has the effect of a magical spell used to turn away evil forces.

Drinking the mixture is thought to lead to liberation. Indian lovemaking practices highlight qualities of the yoni. Moreover, a man's embrace of a woman is most successful when it includes touches, stabs, caresses, and squeezes of her "mound of Venus," and kissing of the yoni in cunnilingus involves nibbles, tickles, and tracings of the tongue.

The Kama sutra is perhaps best known for the various sexual positions it describes and, in the treatment of the yoniattention is paid to front and back entry; stretching the yoni opening; using yoni muscles to massage the penis; and arousal using the lover's fingers, tongue, or other object.

It is a triangular space in the middle section of the body with its apex turned downwards. In Tantric practice, the adept sets up a system of inner circulation and then draws energies into the yoni-triangle. This guiding of the life force is also helped by the recitation of mantras, and the movement of breath. The practice involving the movement of yoni energies falls under maithuna coitionone of the five practices making Tantric process towards enlightenment a quicker and more intense process.

Maithuna figures are couples closely embracing or in coitumand commonly decorate the exteriors of Hindu temples. They have parallel form and function in the Tibetan Buddhist yab-yum couple, vagina worship in the Tibetan use of the female bell ghanta and male vajra also called dorjediamond scepter in meditation. Here, as in art objects from other cultures, the yoni expresses a basic human focus vagina worship the dynamics of life energy. Camphausen, Rufus C. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions.

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Vagina worship

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Yoni Worship