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of smartphones users are rapidly increasing with the launch of hundreds of different types of smartphones from various smartphone companies. For the very same reason, the of users for various apps and games are also increasing.

If you love chatting, you might have heard about the Kik Messenger app which carry millions of its users around the globe. More details are as follows! Kik Messenger is undoubtedly one of the most interesting social networking cum IM app available in the market.

The app is loved by millions of teens and youngsters who are actively using this app. You can follow this guidelines to know more about the app and its up process as well. Kik Messenger allows you to add people of your interest. You can get on to the list of Chat Rooms to see the best of interesting chat rooms to spend your time with. You can also create your own group or can share files and chat with the people easily. Since Kik Messenger is an open platform, the up process is pretty easy and it will not ask you to cellphone. Just use your ID and you will be done.

To protect yourthere are some tips to keep it private from others. We have even listed some of the best Kik alternatives which you can try alongside this app. You can even block down unwanted contacts and users from your app as well. Today, we are here with one more tutorial which will let you know the actual use of Mute Notifications feature on the Kik Messenger. If you are using WhatsApp Messengeryou might probably aware about this feature. This feature allows you to put all the notifications or some of them on hold. You will not be notified with such notifications on your phone so what does mute mean on kik will not hear any ringtones for messages that you receive from the Kik Messenger.

To keep things polite, this Mute Notifications feature is there on the Kik Messenger app. This feature works beautifully, as you will receive all the notifications and you can even read them out, but you will not get any notifications about those messages. So something is not important for you, you should use this feature and mute them down right away.

Also see : Avoid these WhatsApp Scams right now from stealing your bank details. So you can setup things properly according to your basic usage and this way you can manage all the notifications on the Kik Messenger. Following steps and instructions will help you out muting all the notifications from the Kik Messengers. On the front chatsyou will see the chats made by you in the past. Now, if you want to mute someone from the Chatsjust hold and press on that particular contact on Android phone and Swipe left on iOS device to that particular contact. Once you select this button, you would ask to setup the timing for muting the contact with an hour, forever, a particular time or until I turn it back on.

Once you do so, you will not get any notifications even if the person you have muted send you messages. Now, to Unmute the muted contacts from the Kik Messenger, just follow the same steps mentioned above. But this time, you would see an option Unmute, just select this option and Unmute the person or contact right away to start receiving notifications from them. Note : By muting all the contacts or chats on the Kik app, you will not be able to receive any notifications. By doing so, you may not receive some of the important notifications as well.

If you are good to go with it, then follow these what does mute mean on kik so you can stop all notifications from the Kik Messenger. From here you can select Disable Sound, Vibration and Message Preview of the messages that you will receive on the app.

This is how you can actually disable or mute all the notifications on the Kik Messenger. By now, the app will not be able to notify you for the messages that you may receive. If you want to Unmute this feature, you just need to follow the same path mentioned above. By doing so, you will start receiving messages on the phone from the Kik Messenger with a notification. If you mute someone on the Kik Messenger app, the other person will not see it.

So you can still get away with their notifications without hurting them. The process is simple and easy to start, you can Mute or Unmute the people anytime you want. Best 5 Alternatives to Kik Messenger.

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What does mute mean on kik

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