What is ageplay

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Today, we're singing a different tune. This post hands you all the basics about what is ageplay play and age regression, and how they fit in with little space. Each section covers a bite-size chunk of information, so you can pick and choose what you want to learn about! It's a form of role play between consenting adults, where someone acts younger than their age according to Mother Nature. Your Mother Nature age is whatever's on your birth certificate. Sometimes called your "real age", but I don't like that term. All kinksters have their own hepace. It's the state-of-mind, when they someone feels their kinky identity.

It's a common misconception that you have to be sexual or want sex, when participating in age play. That means you don't have to have use your sexual organs, in order to for something to be considered a kink. Feet aren't "traditionally sexual", but they certainly provide a lot of pleasure for many people.

What is ageplay

In fact, many littles and middles have ZERO interest in it. And, just as many littles and middles LOVE sex, during play time. It's all about your personal preference. If you fall into the former category, you might've heard the term "age regressor" and identified with it. Age regressors fall into a younger mindset as a coping mechanism.

In psychology, this is called your "inner-child". They claim they're simply littles without the sexual activities; as such, they do not participate in kink. That's like saying baseball is both a sport and not a sport. Or strawberries are both a food and not a food. Therefore, children are allowed. Adults interacting sexually with kids is bad--no shit, Sherlock. But, even unwittingly interacting with a minor can cause lo of problems! By allowing literal children to refer to themselves as something reserved for adults, you're opening a nasty what is ageplay of worms. They're participating in inner-child work, which is open to ANY age.

As a matter of fact, many littles and middles use their respective hepaces, as a coping mechanism. Just because you identify as an age regressor doesn't automatically negate your littleness. There's a time and place for everything! For example, a year-old may identify as an age regressor, but they cannot identify as a little. Many of us DO use little- and middlespace as a way to deal with things in a safe place away from the big, bad world.

Here, safety means the ability to interact with people you KNOW are consenting adults, so you can focus on yourself. So, littles and middles are basically adult versions of children, from their mannerisms and reactions, to likes and dislikes. Punishments: Like babies, they shouldn't be punished harshly because they don't know better.

Taking things away is solid. So, many infant littles are also ABDL. That means they may wear diapers, and might not be potty trained, either. Little Things: They may still be interested in pacis and onesies, but many are starting to transition into pull-ups. They should also start using a sippie cup, over bottles. As devious, cunning, and sneaky as they are, these cuties love cuddles and pleasing their Caregivers. It should come as no surprise, but these littles often end up in trouble But, they're finally at an age where they understand rewards, so you can what is ageplay get into some fun stuff.

Punishments: Spankings are an appropriate punishment for these littles, and should be doled out without hesitation. When you hesitate, they'll worm their way out of it! Little Things: While they say they're big kids, they still love the comfort of onesies and pacis. Some may still wear pullups, but all should be using sippie cups over bottles. That's not to say they can't be bratty, though! If they don't get their way, well Find out the secrets to taming brats here.

Punishments: You can spank these littles at any time. They can definitely have a bratty side that needs to be tamed, too. Little Things: Most of these littles are past wearing onesies, but some may still be in pullups or using a paci. These littles are starting to grow up more.

They still have a toddler-like side, but can think for themselves. That means they're full of questions, and want to explore anything and everything. So, be on the lookout for when they climb furniture! But look out for a tantrum, because they're a sight to see! A while later, though, and they might be back to singing and dancing. What is ageplay littles love play involving jumping on trampolines, anything to do water, and building things. Little Things: Most littles of this age won't use a paci. But, many are still sleeping with stuffies and blankies.

What is ageplay

While they can be bratty, they're good way more than bad. They'll try to push the boundaries, though, to really see what they can get away with. Little Things: These littles likely shun baby girl and boy items because "they're too old for that" These littles are on the cusp of being middles.

What is ageplay

That means they'll back-sass you without a second thought. Overall, they're still sweet and haven't hit the bratty teenage years.

What is ageplay

But, that's not to say they don't have their own zingers. Punishments: Kneeling on dried peas or rice, no electronics or other privileges, only wear what Caregiver says. Little Things: Many middles claim they're too old, but may have a few favorite stuffies stashed away. Like middle schoolers, they're full of sass and snark, with just enough sweet to get away with things. Overall, they're still relatively obedient. But, that's not to say they don't have a touch of brat, just up their sleeves! Punishments: Spankings with implements, lines or a multi- essay, no seeing friends or going out. Little Things: This age may claim they love little things, but there's a good chance they still have their what is ageplay stuffies or blankies.

Like teens, they're smart as a whip, with a mouth to back it up. Pushing boundaries is back with a vengeance, so keep your eyes peeled. Overall, they're pretty obedient and do want to please their Caregiver. But their vocab and tone are on another level. Punishments: Written essay or verbal apology, spankings, take away driving privileges, no seeing friends.

They're practically adults, so they can go toe-to-toe in an intellectual debate Unlike adults, though, they still make some erratic decisions, which may lead to consequences down the road. While they're often obedient, they can practically taste adulthood and will see how far they can push you; with an adorable smile, to boot. Sure, you might be able to find one or 2 cute things at a store. But, it's a gazillion times easier to go to a dedicated CGl or DDlg store. Bearly Stuffed. Cosplay Shopper. Get Naughtee.

What is ageplay

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